A Memento of Rugby Radio station GBR on 16kHz

The following picture is an item "rescued" from the waste skip at Rugby during our recent visit following the closure. It is a current transformer from the feeder to the varimeters and the final aerial loading coil. The aerial current of about 500 to 700 amperes flowing through the 3 inch (75cm) diameter bundle of roughly 6500 strand "Litz" wire passes through the centre of the disc. The toroidal winding of enamelled copper wire between two rings of holes forms the secondary, and outputs a voltage proportional to the aerial current flowing. This is connected back to the metering on the transmitter control panel.

The next picture shows similar items installed in the feed to the Variometer gallery in the GBR tuning loft.

The numbered items are the current transformers. Note the plate where the litz wires are fanned out for connections.

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