Propagtion Links and Monitor Plots

Copies of plots of DCF39 from Steve W3EEE give an excellent guide to Trans-Atlantic propagation. Steve's real-time plot can be accessed at his web site at

Meanwhile Brian CT1DRP is pressing ahead with his re-build. This involves a new ISP so there will soon be a site change advertised. Brian is hoping to post plots of all his monitoring slots to his new web site hourly, so this promises to become a major "almost real-time" resource for DXers and experimenters.

Brian's plots which include 73Khz and signals in the Trans-Atlantic 'slot' can be seen on (old site) Thanks are also due to Wolfgang DL4YHF for his developement of SpectrumLab with the logging facilities that Brian uses. See

There are also plots of DCF39 on the web site of Dexter W4DEX .

See also the MF propagation site of KN4LF ( at ) for some interesting forecasts and predictions for slightly higher frequencies. Note that MF sees absorption when LF often sees 'reflection'. His reports, though weekly, are very detailed and are a good eductaional read for anyone interested in the vaguaries of radio propagation at lower frequencies. He has some interesting comments on proton event effects at MF. Tom is becomming interested in LF and will probably appear on 136kHz when the allocation is released by the FCC.